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Because Exercise Does Not Have An Age Limit

RehabGO was founded by Mona Kaur an Occupational Therapist who has over 22 years of experience in the field of Geriatric Rehabilitation.  With these years of experience as treating therapist, Mona realized that so many falls and deterioration of our aging population could be avoided if individuals were offered on-going preventative exercise programs, bridging the gap between having a fall, getting referred to PT/OT services to only then go back to sitting around and loosing strength and balance they achieved while on therapy services.  It was because of this finding that RehabGO Therapies was created. 

RehabGO Therapies specializes in Fall Reduction & Post-Rehab exercise programs to individuals living either in their personal homes and/or residing in Assisted Living Communities around the Bay Area. Our Personalized Fitness Training Program, also known as our PFT Program is designed to help carry out and oversee client's home exercise programs they are unable to maintain on their own for various reasons such as motivation, difficulty managing time or suffering from impaired memory.  Our PFT program helps individuals to function as independently as possible while at the same time reducing burden of care on the caregiving staff.

Our Fall Reduction & Post-Rehab exercise programs are overseen by Licensed Therapists and our GO Coaches hold certification/degrees in either of the following:  kinesiology, certified nursing assistant and or personal training.  Every RehabGO team member is background checked and CPR certified.  

Let RehabGO help your loved one truly age in place!

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