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What our clients and family members are saying about RehabGO

My mother, 5 years into Alzheimer’s, really enjoys her wellness exercises with her coach 3 times a week. Her coach tailors the stretches and exercises to best fit my mother’s abilities. RehabGo is a high quality, caring company providing a great service! 

- JoDee

“The exercises provided by RehabGO, Inc to Steve have been invaluable. The Go Coaches are competent, kind, and excellent at what they do. The In-house program ensures that we receive care on a routine basis without having to make appointments or arrange for transportation. Exercise is important in all phases of our lives. With the program we have available to us, Steve has been able to maintain his mobility. Thank you RehabGO!”

-Mary T. Chaves


“My wife’s RehabGO Coach has been very helpful and diligent in helping her recover from her fall. The best part is that she really cares about my wife’s progress and my wife looks forward to seeing her.”



“Under Mona Kaur’s skilled leadership, RehabGO  provided two years’ of excellent health maintenance care for my wife, who’s condition deteriorated from being very ambulatory to requiring help getting into/out of her wheelchair.  Mona did an outstanding job providing well trained Go Coaches who were very responsive to my wife’s specific needs. My wife now resides in another county and I wish l had Mona and her team available in this area.

-Michael Abbett

"Viberlee Runas worked five days a week with our 95+ year old mother for several years while she lived at a local retirement community.  We are convinced that the exercise program our mother received from Viberlee in her last few years helped Mom maintain a very good quality of life during this challenging time.  Mom originally started exercising three days a week but it increased to five days a week, because we could see the difference in Mom’s attitude and strength on the days when Viberlee met with Mom. With Viberlee’s help, Mom was active and alert until the end. 

Not only is Viberlee an excellent GO Coach, she is a kind and caring person who developed a warm relationship with our mother. On days when Mom didn’t feel well enough to exercise, Viberlee found gentle ways to get Mom moving despite objections.  Viberlee (AKA "Beverly") became a friend to our mother as well as to the family, and we are very grateful to her and RehabGo for the excellent service they provided to our mother during her final years."

-The George Family

When our elderly father took a fall, Lori was called in to help his after-fall physical therapy. Because Dad responded well to her visits and recovered smoothly, we decided to continue Maintenance Therapy with Lori, Viberlee and RehabGo.  Lori and Viberlee have been sensitive to Dad’s growing mobility needs and have been flexible and receptive to our questions, making suggestions when changes are needed.  Dad now receives maintenance exercise three days a week and this has helped improve his mobility confidence and independence.  He looks forward to the one on one time and boasts of his throwing arm and laps in the hallway.  Thank you, Lori and Viberlee for keeping Dad mobile and engaged.                                    -Marcia Y

Viberlee provided weekly exercise for my mother for two years. Thanks to her gentle and caring work, my mother was able to maintain her mobility and remain on her feet with the use of a walker. Viberlee communicated with me on a monthly basis on my mother’s status and on many instances called me when she observed that something was wrong with my mother. Her professionalism and service made a huge difference. Lori was also excellent in providing her analysis of my mother and also very caring. I am grateful for such a great team and organization. 

 -Jim Backhus

Lori and her staff were marvelous in tackling a tough case as my mom was always resistant to exercising. With compassion, they helped Mom do the best she could. For me, Lori was a light during a dark time. I will always treasure her kindness, sympathy, and understanding.                                                                     








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