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Meet your RehabGO Coaches!


Mona Kaur -  Licensed Occupational Therapist and Founder


I’ve held many titles as a busy mom of two girls, 9 and 12 years old. From being a daughter, to a mother, and now to a business owner, what I enjoy most is seeing the excitement in my girls when they achieve a milestone, big or small.  In fact, RehabGo, Inc. was founded on this very premise; helping individuals to see their abilities and providing a solution for functional sustainability.

Our abilities, as little or great as they may be, are the driving force that holds meaning and fulfillment in each and every one of us.  This holds true for the toddler who takes pride in his 10 inch tall lego castle or the 99 year old retired school teacher battling Alzheimer’s disease, still managing to walk while looking at old pictures on the wall. I personally recognized my own abilities through exercise and movement in my late teens after struggling with weight. I attained a sense of purpose and validation of what I was capable of; the weight loss was just the added side effect.

Since graduating from San Jose State University in 1999 with a degree in Occupational therapy and Psychology, I have seen this belief hold true in every aspect of my personal life as well as my career. With 20 years of experience as a licensed therapist and now a business owner, my practice has included working with geriatrics in adult day care programs, subacute rehab centers, acute care hospitals, Assisted and Independent communities, and as well as home health.  While I found it fulfilling to help patients achieve their goals by attaining their greatest level of independence and mobility, I also found it frustrating to see the reoccurrence of falls and physical decline with this population. Patients did well during therapy, but once therapy stopped, they fell off track despite being given a prescribed home exercise program to follow. I knew that research and clinical data had shown over and over again that the key to aging in place is to maximize on our mental and physical abilities through consistency of exercise and movement.


Therefore along with my partner, Lori Yu RPT, we founded RehabGO with a vision to provide cost effective personalized exercise programs carried out by a RehabGO Coach on an ongoing basis. We were now able to deliver an opportunity for our clients to achieve sustainability of the  functioning they had. Through evidenced based functional exercises designed by our licensed therapists, we are now able to offer on-going one on one coaching to our clients. RehabGO, Inc services further expand to providing comprehensive fall reduction programs in retirement communities as well and one on one coaching in homes. Thanks to modern medicine, seniors are living well into their 90s and even 100s. RehabGO is here to provide a tool that allows individuals to thrive and age in place. Recognize your abilities!

Cole- photo.jpeg

Cole Oliver is currently a GO coach servicing Santa Clara and Sunnyvale communities; he earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in rehabilitation science from San Jose State University. He has a wide-range of experience working in in-patient and out-patient physical therapy, and assisted living home facilities. He carries his valuable education and experiences over into the GO coach position.


He believes exercise doesn’t only positively impact the people he works with, but also the family and friends of the individual. Being able to improve the lives of others is what inspires his kinesiology career.


In his free time Cole enjoys swimming, strength training, and further diversifying his knowledge in the kinesiology field.

Cole Oliver

Tamra Dunn Hamer is currently working as a PFT Go Coach. Previously, she was a rehab aide in the Santa Cruz area for 8 years. Prior to that, she was a fitness trainer at our local gym for 8 years. Tamra has always believed and practiced wellness,as she loves to help people achieve health goals and maintenance.


She is a loving wife, mother to 3 adult children, and a grandmother of 4.


Prior to her fitness training career, Tamra was a professional guide and outfitter, operating and offering guided horseback rides to families and tourists visiting Yosemite, while she was raising her family in the Sierras.

Tamra Dunn.jpg

Tamra Dunn Hamer


Reni Mathew is Physical Therapist from India where she worked for 8 years.  Her work experience while living in India consisted of working in hospitals with a focus on care for Geriatrics. She currently is working as a Wellness GO Coach for RehabGO who is stationed at Mountain View and Los Altos Assisted Living Communities.

Reni is passionate about her work and believes to give her best in every walk of life. She's a  mother of a 2 year old and takes pride in managing family and work.

Reni believes that AGE is just a number and exercise accompanied with love and care is the essence of being fit. 

Reni Mathew

 Jacquelyn Dunn - I have been working in the health field for 6 years as a caregiver and now a GO Coach for RehabGO.  I graduated high school in a little town near Yosemite, California and my hobbies include hiking, horseback riding and spending time with my 8 year old daughter Annie and her little dog Charlie.  We love taking road trips together and experiencing new adventures, Annie keeps me on my toes. 


I am a proud employee for RehabGO Inc. and the best thing about my job is getting to know my clients and watching them succeed, as well as achieving their fitness goals, which is very rewarding.  Moving forward, I aspire to attend college and become a Physical Therapist.   I am very thankful for being a part of such an amazing team and rehabilitation program to help others become more motivated and stable in their daily life.


Jacquelyn Dunn 

 Daniel Hoang -  My name is Daniel and  I am currently a GO coach servicing San Mateo and Belmont communities. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise and Movement Science from San Francisco State University. I was an athlete in high school and always had an interest in injuries and the process of rehabing  after a big injury for athletes.


I come from a very traditional Asian family so our belief is to always take care of our parents and my goal going into this field was to help and improve my parent's life as they enter retirement age. I believe that any amount of exercise and ways to prevent injuries or joint problems is incredibly helpful and even if it's minimal, I want to help my parents move around more efficiently throughout their daily activities. 

Daniel Hoang

Cecelia Pellizzari- Cece is currently a Go Coach servicing communities in Palo Alto and Mountain View.  She is enrolled in school studying Communications at San Jose City College. Cecelia has a long time love for fitness. Playing competitive sports her whole life influenced her first interest in Kinesiology, but her passion for working with people from all walks of life brought her into the communications world.  Cecelia holds multiple certifications including personal training, nutrition, and Reiki. She teaches an array of classes  including Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Balance. 


Cecelia believes fitness plays a huge role in one's well being, but connecting with her clients while creating an exciting experience and environment, can leave a much greater impact on those she works with! 


In her free time, you will find Cece lounging with her cats and napping in between her busy schedule. However when she gets the opportunity, her most enjoyable idea of free time would be a hot cup of tea and some yoga to pass the time. 

Cecelia Pellizzari

Sahar Ejbari- Currently a Go Coach serving South San Jose, I also carry strong experience as a physical therapist aide in outpatient clinics. I am a busy mom of two boys, 5 and 3 year old, and enjoy every single minute of my life with them. Since finishing up with college, my next  pursuit is  to get into  the PTA program. I am proud to say I have also worked as a volunteer at a home care center and inpatient settings.

It is fascinating to see individuals progress in their exercise sessions, and it gives me joy to see their smile and happiness. This is also the  main reason I work as a GO coach. 
Outside of work I am an athlete, especially a professional at mountain climbing, rock climbing, swimming, and volleyball!! 

I spend most of my free time with my family and enjoy outdoor activities..

Sahar Ejbari

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