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Client Services

Whether you live in an Assisted Living Facility or in your own personal home, RehabGO can assist you not only in maintaining your function and staying strong but help you to truly age in place and stay in your home longer.  RehabGO specializes in maintenance home exercise and fall reduction programs. Below is a detailed list of our private home services.


When participating In our PFT program, you will first be evaluated by one of our licensed therapists who will assess your current level of function and prescribe a home exercise program for you. Once established, your therapist will meet with you and your assigned GO Coach for training and to review the PFT program written.  Once training is completed, you and your GO Coach will work one-on-one performing the exercises prescribed by the therapist on a weekly basis. 


You can choose to work with our GO Coaches 2-5 times a week and and every 6 months you will be re-evaluated by a therapist to monitor any changes you have made on the program and adjust your PFT program as needed.

Please note - our PFT services are private pay and are not covered by insurance since they are routine in nature and do not require the skills of a licensed therapist. 

Assisted Living Rates

Choose 2-5 x a week to participate

30 minute session: $50.00

45 minute session: $75.00

60 minute session: $90.00

Personal Home Rates

Choose 2-5 x a week to participate

All home visits are 45 mins in length

Cost: base rate $110.00

(*rates subject to change if you live over 5 miles of our GO Coaches' jurisdiction)


RehabGO believes in continuity of care which is why we have contracted with reputable Home Health Companies to provide skilled therapy services for those times that our PFT client’s may have a change of condition such as a fall, illness or rehabilitating from an injury/surgery and require skilled intervention such as Physical or Occupational Therapy.

  • Skilled intervention as needed for clients

  • Specializing in Neurological,Orthopedics and much more

  • Fall risk management,home safety evals,caregiver training 

  • Home Health Services are covered by insurance and is dependent on your Insurance plan

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